Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My Economics Organization Experience

What's really new to me in this class is the lectures we covered with Insurance. I am a econ major student but with most of my classes I barely have the chance to learn about insurance. Because there was many calculations and different theory under different situation, it was hard for me to understood to knowledge properly. As painful as it is, I think it is important for me. Economic calls for many knowledge in different area, so I figure it is important for me to understand.
Excel homework was really hard for me in the beginning, because every time I open the excel up, it would be either really long or it has multiple spread sheets. I've learned how to use excel when I was taking econ 203, so using it was not a problem. The problem was I do not know what to do with all the information on it and all I could think of was to just go to the part where the question was and get it done. Time has proven to me that it was a huge mistake. After a couple homework, I realized that reading through every question and all the information that spreads through all the excel spread sheet. Sure it would cause some time, but it would cause even more if I just kept working without reading anything.
This is actually the second class that needs me to do blog post. The first one was an esl class. All the topics that was covered in the blog posts were really practical. Every time when I wrote the blog, I feel like it's new discover in something that is already happening around every one's life, but nobody really give any attention. In my first couple posts, the feed back that I got were mostly critiques on what I should wrote about or what bases I haven't covered or I did not get the topics right. To tell the truth, it was really frustrating because I actually expected a little bit more than just critics. I remember one of the feed backs I got from you really changed my mind about you. It was about team production and gift exchange. I wrote about the team work of Michael Jordan and Scott Pippen. I thought I got the base well covered in that post. However, when read your comment, you mentioned that I forgot to mention another player, Steve Kerr, who is now coaching Golden State Warrior. I was embarrassed because I know never knew the player that was one of the most remarkable point guard that has saved the Bulls more then once when MJ was not in his game. I knew that you are golf, baseball and football man, but I never knew you knew basketball. It was the point where I had a new angle towards you.
I actually really like this blog post through out your class, but I must say that writing a blog post every week is sometimes frustrating. Maybe in the future your blog post schedule could be changed to twice a week. I have taken 420 with Prof. Bear learning international economics, I have taken econ 303 learning advance macro. Those 2 classes were really painful advance classes. I just want to say it's a pleasure learning 490 with you. The knowledge that was covered in this class was far more than the other 2 combined.

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  1. Basketball and economics go together ;-)

    I thought your story about that was interesting. I didn't have any intention when making the remark to engage you further in the class. I was just trying to make the point that teamwork is largely about making the others around you perform better. Of all the sports I know, basketball can illustrate that the best when it is played well. Unfortunately, it often becomes simply a showcase for individual play.

    I'm glad you got something out of the class. I hope some of it stays with you after the course concludes.